A Good Night’s Sleep Depends On Pillow Choice

Aches and pains. Bad moods. Lower then optimal professional performance – you might be able to blame all of those of a bad night’s sleep.

And that lousy night’s sleep can, in turn, be blamed on your pillow. There are very few people who have not tried to pummel their pads into shape when they are struggling to nod off.

But that pillow might not be to blame – it might be the type of pad that you have selected that is making sleep that elusive.

Here are five types of pillow that will help you slip into dreamland with a minimum of stress.

1. Thanks For The Memories.

Memory foam is the gift that science gave to those who had allergies caused buy feathers. Tremendously supportive it cradles the neck and head. But it can get a bit sweaty on warm evenings.

2. Getting Down!

Down pillows are ultra soft. They confirm the shape of the neck and head. But there are some downsides (sorry). They tend to deform extremely quickly. And add to this the fact that they are costly and require cleaning on a regular basis and they might not be your first choice.

3. The Polyester People.

If you are looking for a great budget choice when it comes to your pillow, then a polyester filled cushion is for you. It’s easy to maintain – machine washable and good for the neck. However, it is not extremely supportive when compared to other more expensive options. But on a budget, it is a great pillow filler that is a cross between down and foam.

4. Buckwheat Beauties.

Although buckwheat has not yet caught on as a pillow filler in much of the Western world, it has a great following in Asian counties.

If you think of a beanbag, you’re on the right track. The Buckwheat hulls move with you as you sleep and conform to the shape of your head and neck. If you suffer from night sweats, this is the pillow filling for you. It allows the free flow of air to keep you fresh during the night. But your partner may not enjoy the sounds of those hulls rustling during the nighttime hours.

5. Latex Lovers.

Latex is a divisive issue. Love it or hate it.

Latex pillows are incredibly firm and do not deform and give a slight ‘bounce’ when settling down for the night. Some people may not enjoy them because they naturally do not deform. However, they do provide excellent support and provide airflow which keeps you cool at night. They are also easy to keep clean and with proper care can last years.

In essence, it all depends on your sleeping habits and what will allow you to drift off without a problem. However, if you are suffering from neck or back pain, it might be time to have a look at your pillow. And remember there are plenty of choices out there – you have just got to find the right one for you.