6 Foods To Eat Before Going To Sleep To Get Some Good Rest

There are foods you should eat before going to sleep, and there are foods that you shouldn’t eat before going to sleep. The list of good foods is, of course, going to be centered around a healthy diet. Moreover, you want to watch when you eat as well, as you don’t want actually to consume food right before bed. You need an hour in between eating and sleep. Here is a list of 6 foods that are great to eat before sleeping.

This first food I’m going to mention might not be the best solution for me. I love bananas, but too many of them can cause indigestion for me. I wasn’t aware of that at first and thought it was yogurt. But regardless, bananas are delicious, and they are food that you might want to eat before bed. Why bananas?

Aren’t bananas supposed to be a fruit that gives you energy? Well, it’s all about the magnesium. You see, that particular mineral can be very relaxing to the muscles. So what other foods make a list? Foods that are filling but not too dense on your stomach would be a great idea. Nuts make that category, and a specific nut is top of the list for foods to eat before you sleep.

Did you guess almonds? A lot of the reason almonds make a list is also the magnesium. It also has to do with tryptophan. Honey and oats are two more foods that make a list, and they also go well together. Would you have guessed that one particular meat makes a list as well? That meat is a turkey. The protein and the tryptophan are why turkey is excellent.

One fruit has already been mentioned, the banana, but here is another one. The kiwi is a great choice, too, and there are so many reasons why. They are packed with healthy nutrients, and some of those nutrients help your digestive system, too. You need your digestive system working for you and not against you. That’s six foods, but I’ve got some more picks for you, too.

This next pick can be a natural remedy for the sleep disorder insomnia. Have you ever had tart cherry juice? It has everything to do with melatonin. Furthermore, there have been studies conducted involving tart cherry juice, and it helps to promote sleepiness. How cool is that? You might want to try out some tart cherry juice before bed along with those other foods.

What other bonus picks do I have lined up for you? Well, fatty fish is one of them. There is another type of nut that makes a list, too. Walnuts make a list, and you might have also heard that certain teas can help, too. Teas are beverages, not foods, but still, they can help as well. Passion flower tea is one, and another is chamomile tea. It’s time to eat what will help you sleep and not what will work against you.